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I'm English Luke and I first started as a male escort/companion in 2014, but I have worked previously in the world of adult services as a male stripper (a skill that can be incorporated into appointments if desired).
I was born and raised in the UK. I am very well-spoken, and I have a beautiful voice with a sexy English accent that women across the world have told me they love.
I am a warm, friendly, sensitive, kind, respectful and tactile man. I have had conversations with numerous women over the years about how they long to feel special and desirable but they find it difficult to find a man who has the desire or expressive capabilities to make them feel that way. This is my speciality. I like to see the beauty in everybody and I love to express it. I am passionate about building up a woman's self esteem. I love helping a woman feel good about herself. An appointment with me will involve me making it clear that I am in the presence of a beautiful and special person.
I am passionate that women should have access to the type of service I offer. I have a specific desire to offer this service to disabled women, who in my experience often have reduced access to these services and are more hesitant to take advantage of them.
Whatever it is you want - a dinner date, a friend, a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, or something more intimate - I am here, at your service, to provide you with an experience that meets your needs. I accept everybody as they are without judgement. I am an excellent listener and fun to be around too. Let's talk together about what it is you are looking for and I am sure I will be able to provide it for you if you go on to book an appointment with me.
I am very proud of the fact that I have educated myself and worked diligently to acquire the skills necessary to satisfy a woman. I am well trained, and I take the time and make the effort to please my partners in every way. If you choose to go down that route with me, I am certain I can make it an experience you will never forget.
Please take a look at my web site. My contact details are there of course, and you are welcome to ask me questions on this forum if you would like to.
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Hannah and Luke x

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